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Eran Gichon
CEO: agronomist specializing in computerized irrigation systems and
entrepreneur.  an inventor of innovative soilless non drain irrigation
system that reduces the usage of water and fertilizers by 70% and 80%,

Aharon Berger
Chife agronomist: in charge of agricultural projects overseas
He has a B.Sc. from Hebrew University's Faculty of Agriculture in
Jerusalem and is an expert on soil, water and irrigation.
He possesses considerable experience in sophisticated greenhouse crops,
crops  grown on soilless substrates with climate control and
computerized control. He designs, sets up and manages diverse
agricultural projects all over the world

Moti Malkin
An expert in field crops with 30 years of experience in Israel, Africa &
South America. Managed large scale agricultural farm in Angola. Expert in
vegetables cultivation such as onion and pepper.

HydroEco Leading Team Managers
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